Monday, April 8, 2013


Kate Bosworth 

Coachella Style

 Of course with Coachella around the corner, most blogger have to do the semi-obligatory festival post. 
While I love music festivals, we have a few here in Toronto including the amazing Jazz Festival, nothing really compares to Coachella. Last year a few girlfriends of mine were dead set on going. But by the time we calculated airfare, hotels, tickets, food and transportation, we were like fcuk that, we could go on a week long all inclusive for half the price. Lol. With tickets ranging from $399-750 USD per weekend, it's not cheap. I always think if I went to Coachella, I would totally just people watch and take streetstyle pics of stylish strangers, completely ignoring the music. Other than the bands and celebs, festival fashion is also an attractive draw. 

These pics are of Kate Bosworth, Coachella 2010 & 2011 when she was dating Mr.Hottie, Alex Skarsgard. Kate's music festival style is very laid back, chill and most importantly...comfortable. Crop tops, lace dresses and short shorts are the perfect combination.

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