Monday, March 18, 2013


As a young adult (well not really im 28) I'm on the cusp of flying the coop. I'm finally putting on my big girl panties, cutting the umbilical cord and gaining some independence. 

As a result of that, I've become obsessed with all thing DECOR! 

This room inspiration comes from blogger, Dulce Candy. This is her garage, her dear husband completely transformed into this masterpiece. I'm assuming most of these wardrobe system are made from scratch but I recognize a few items from Ikea. As long as your creative, and of course must possess nails and a hammer, this room could too be yours! 

DIY TIP : Have any book shelves that you have no use for? With a coat of paint, you have a newly transformed shoe rack :) 

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  1. Her husband is pretty awesome, and she is too, I've been following her blog for years now... That closet/office/a piece of heaven is PHENOMENAL. Good luck with your piece of heave, sweetie.;)